Crime Investigation Australia - Series 1

Crime Investigation Australia uncovers the true stories behind Australia's most shocking crimes. With chilling re enactments and fascinating insights from the key detectives, family members and witnesses involved.

Disc one - Australia's worst serial killers

The Backpacker murders - Ivan Milat

The Kimberly Killer - Joseph Schwab

Disc Two - Australia's most brutal murders

The Anita Cobby murder

The Moorhouse Horros - David & Catherine Birnie

The Call Girl Killing - Roslyn Watson

Disc Three - Australia's most shocking murders

Snowtown - The Bodies in the Barrels

The Greenough Family massacre

The Killer Punch - Dean Waters

The Will of Death - Ludwig Gertsch

Disc four - Australia's lost innocence

The Wanda beach murders

The Beaumont Children mystery

Kid for Ransom - The kidnap of Graeme Thorne

Tears for Daniel - Disappearance of Daniel Morcombe

No More Grannies - The Granny Killer

Disc Five - Australia's most senseless crimes

Death in a heartbeat - The Murder of Victor Chang

The Body in the bag - Jane Doe

Contract to kill - Megan Kalajzich

The Mornington Monster - John Myles